Tamrac Evolution Backpack

Keeping all of your kit together and in a safe place is a consideration we’ve all had to make at one time or another, especially when we’re filming on the move. As your kit grows, you inevitably need to invest in further storage and transportation. Therefore, a huge range of bags and cases has become available to answer that need and all are suitable for a range of people and applications. However, for those looking to shoot on location, the new and highly versatile Tamrac 5797 allows you to safely travel with your kit pretty much wherever you go.

This Evolution Speed Roller backpack offers you two main ways of transporting your camera and associated kit. Simply carry it on your back or roll it like a traditional suitcase. Designed to hold a large amount of equipment, the 5797 can easily hold a large DSLR with a 6-inch lens attached, along with other lenses, accessories, a 15.6-inch laptop and a number of wires and extras. More than enough then for most needs. The bag is made from Tamrac’s 600 denier PolyTek, giving it a reinforced plastic wall and base, which means that your gear gains extra protection when travelling too. Split into two main sections, the construction is ideal for diving into your kit at short notice, which should make your shooting activities more efficient into the bargain.

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