The Philips Headphones SHL3000WT/00

November 18, 2013 No Comments by Kumar.a

Philips SHL3000 headphone delivers sweet sound with a style statement few can match. The ear cushions are made of soft leather-like material which is very comfortable. The earphones fit snugly over the ear, providing excellent passive noise cancellation. The Philips SHL3000 feature 32mm Neodymium speakers that deliver an excellent sound at the bass, the mid-range and treble frequencies. The adjustable headband has tiny gradients to let the headband be very comfortable even during long periods of usage. The earphones each have a connecting wire, instead of one wire going through the headband to give you an equal aural response. The earphones are not fixed to the headband, but they can swivel, which provides multiple advantages over conventional headphones - they are much more comfortable; they fit much better over the ear to provide better noise cancellation and they are very easy to store or carry, without the fear of breakage.

Price: Rs.950

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