B+W Käsemann MRC polariser

Another German-made filter, the B+W Käsemann is produced in a range of sizes, including 105mm, which makes it popular with users of the Lee system, though it can be hard to track down in this size. In terms of build quality, it’s easily a match for the Lee, and feels as if it could withstand many years of heavy professional use with no problems - and there are plenty of professionals who would be willing to support this claim. It’s slightly on the heavy side, but this is a perfectly acceptable trade-off for a filter that can survive a bit of abuse. It’s slightly thinner than the Lee, so when used with their filter holder, causes far fewer problems, and it’s possible to use it down to 22mm before noticing signs of the filter mount in the corners of the frame. Where it loses out in comparison to the other filters on test, however, is that the ring is slightly on the stiff side; it’s not as easy to rotate and doesn’t turn as smoothly. This doesn’t affect the handling too badly, but it is noticeable in comparison to the other filters. Optically, the B+W is excellent. It uses top-quality optical glass and as well as polarising successfully, there is no real-world reduction in image quality. The Käsemann is multi-coated, and this really helps to cut down on flare and reflections off the surface of the glass. SRP:£114/$135 for 77mmversion (approx. street price) Similar models Canon EOS 1200D with 18-55mm + 55-250mm Lens check out shoppelinks for more information.

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